Rostock serves more

Rostock hat Me(e)r zu bieten

City flair in Hanseatic architecture, a broad cultural scene, a various shopping offer with modern gastronomy, that is Rostock.


Warnemünde StrandAlter Strom Westmole KreuzfahrtterminalPhotos: Hansestadt Rostock/Fotoagentur nordlicht



The Beach

Way above 100m of fine, wide sandy beach is the trademark of Warnemünde. In this area shall be rised the idea of a roofed wicker beach chair- by an elder lady, who searched for protection against the wind because she had rheumatism. Not only in summertime the life of Warnemünde happens on the beach: the impressive scenery is often used for various events.

Address: 18119 Rostock-Warnemünde

Alter Strom

The "Alter Strom" is worth a visit in every season. Fishing cutter, passenger ships, huge yachts and small sailboats, but even the lifeboat are moored here.

The houses host cafés, pubs, ice cream parlours and many small stores. At the other side of the stream, at the "Mittelmole", you can find the old ferry port, the railway station and the Marinas.

Address: Am Strom, 18119 Rostock- Warnemünde


Every visitor of Warnemünde has to be on the Westmole. But how far you can step on the mole depends on the weather. Every kind of sea-mood is to witness. At the end of the mole is the light beacon. From this point you can watch the sea, the boats and the coast. 

Address: Westmole, 18119 Rostock-Warnemünde



You can see the beacon at almost every spot in Warnemünde and on it´s top in 30m you can see the whole of Warnemünde. It was built in 1897 as a sea signal to guide the boats safety into the haven.

Address: Am Leuchtturm, 18119 Rostock - Warnemünde
Open: daily 10-19 Uhr