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Centrally located at the railway station in Rostock, is the official partner hotel of the 3rd Arena European Championships- the InterCityHotel ***.

Because of its easily accessible location and the excellent service, the InterCityHotel is one of the most attractive hotels in the heart of the city of Rostock. Die bright rooms offer a minibar, bathroom with shower and a TV port. To ensure complete entertainment you have a "sky" port in every room with skyCinema and sky Sports channels. Every guest receives a bus and train ticket for the time of his stay for the city of Rostock and Warnemünde, so you can use the local public transport for free.

With 171 rooms, 3 Junior Suites and hotelrestaurant and bar, this accommodation offers every standard for a pleasant stay.

Due to the traffic connection the guests reach the inner city and the Neptun Swimmingpool in a minimum of time.


Hotel Sportforum Rostock

The Sportforum, built in 1962, with its 199 beds was the second home for many athletes from the swimming, diving, rowing, football, handball, gymnastics, sailing and athletic section. With their moving in the athletes couldn´t expect many comfort. Two wardrobes, a bed with under bed drawer and a desk had to be satisfactory to live and study. So once Marita Koch (athletics; 1980 Olympic gold in 400m sprint, multiple Worldchampion) and Silke Gladisch (athletics; Olympic gold relay; multiple Worldchampion) were walking in and out the Sportforum.

In the beginning of the year 2013 the Sportforum was re-opened in Rostock as an integrative hotel. Once it was built to bring out champions. With the new concept the house shall again act as a logistical centre for the entire sports in Rostock. It will offer accommodation option for athletes of every sports section. Athletic unions and sponsors will find ideal labour conditions in the offices. For every guest and resident the cuisine will again offer good and first of all healthy food.

The hotel "Sportforum" now offers 92 modern, athletically rooms, the restaurant "Auszeit", the bar "Nachspielzeit" and 8 meeting rooms.

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